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An Academy of Corporate Communication

Oxford Spoken English commenced with a novel vision of language in 2007-2008. The first concept is to nurture the disciple with the optimum level of knowledge & intellectuality. We are entirely dyed-in-the-wool for the proper nourishment of English knowledge & blending with the higher level of attitude, aptitude & altitude in the disciple.

We keep utmost concentration over the pronunciation & enunciation part of language and do endeavor on each segment of language which can contribute an enormous amount of development. We assure you that you have been forwarded in the atrium that believes.

Strong eloquence power is the synonym of SUCCESS

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Pricing Plans


Duration : 3 months
Price : ₹4000
a) Lexis Building b) Interview Training / Group Discussion


Duration : 6 months
Price : ₹5000
a) Listening and Watching Skills (Audio & Video) b) Lexis Building c) Common Sentences d) Public Speaking / Confidence Building


Duration : 1 Year
Price : ₹6000
a) Mind Mapping b) Listening and Watching Skills (Audio & Video) c) Lexis Building d) Common Sentences e) Public Speaking f) Grammar g) Fluency h) Interview Training / Group Discussion

Proficient / English Savvy

Duration : Life Time
Price : ₹7000
a) Mind Mapping b) Listening and Watching Skills (Audio & Video) c) Lexis Building d) Common Sentences e) Public Speaking f) Grammar g) Fluency h) Interview Training / Group Discussion


Why Choose Us?

Modus Operandi

A Modus Operandi that emphasizes all the skills that are required not only for Spoken English but for a presentable personality.

Business English

It will help you to broaden your perspective of working in the corporate sector. You’ll be able to hone your corporate dexterity with professional lexis to linkedin profile - mail drafting.


English appears to be a challenging region for nearly all applicants taking up cut throat exams. Our Volumes will help you to practice the common sentence to common vocabs, common lexis and especially interview training like a thesaurus for you

Moral Ethos

There are proven methods on which we firmly believe is the right affirmation and right mindset towards learning and achieving the goal. Learning Spoken English needs the right concepts and thinking before beginning

Shri Sunil Sharma



Shri Sunil Sharma

In the backwash of an aging world, youthful India is well poised to play the role China, and Japan played in the last decades. The Former Pioneer of Duckling, Late Shri Sunil Sharma reckoned in the growth potential of the nation and dedicated his entire life to envision and create a system of holistic education that could nurture and be whetstone to the inquisitive minds of children since tender age.



With the support of technology and expert faculty members to rigorously focus on language and knowledge that transcends domestic frontiers, our director’s vision has always been to invigorate the lives of children and prepare them for leadership echelons and drive the world to new heights.

From the Desk of Director

It brings me great joy to announce the partnership between Digital Computer Classes (DCC) and PD Institute of Jewellery Designing. As the Director of DCC and now a part of this wonderful collaboration, I am excited to provide a world class quality of education in the Digital Marketing and Jewellery Designing sector.

In today’s dynamic world, Digital Marketing holds immense potential and has a bright future. Our Institute aims to empower individuals who are capable and have the required skills, in order to meet different requirements of the Digital Marketing Strategies. Together, we work towards producing professionals who do not only own technical knowledge in Digital Marketing but also understands the variations of the Gem and Jewellery Industry.

Our Institute marks a significant step towards comprehensive education and I am eager to experience higher growth and success of this Institute in the world of Digital Marketing and Jewellery Designing.


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